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Purple boho style wrap belt

Kand collection purple colour belt

A treat for all you purple people from the Kanda collection #dabangaçicious, a  purple boho style wrap belt, a one of a kind piece  The  organic textured cotton wrap belt and is light weight and easy to wear . You can tie it in the front or back .  One size fits almost all, but if you need a larger size let us know because we aim to please.  The width of the belt is 10 cm,

I am a groupie of purple people so I decided to go all the way and make more purple stuff to accessorize the belt, lol.  but to order you will have to go to the respective product category, i,e earrings, bracelets etc.

The perfect #dabangalicious accessories, earrings and the Dotbag  handcrafted from up cycled leather with  Purple people in mind. each are listed under their specific product category.

All of the pieces are handmade in Mozambique from up cycled, or natural materials  @Atelier Dabanga, by the artist,

The belt is ready to ship.  We use DHL for secure international shipping and delivery to you front door and Correio diario  throughout Mozambique. The belt can also be picked up at the Atelier Dabanga; { we also deliver} local sales are paid in moeda nactional.








Price: $25.00