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Ebony exotic wood large bead necklace

A Ginormous 9.5mm natural  Ebony exotic wood beads is front and center of this one of a kind graduated beads made from Ebony wood chips from felled Ebony trees in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique.  I have left the beads in their natural organic state without any polishing.. letting you get as close to nature as possible : )

Ebony  wood is black but there is a variation of colours with a bit of the dark brown showing through ,sometimes the Ebony beads are polished, ie blackened for cosmetic purposes, covering up their natural organic beauty 

The Ebony exotic wood beads hang from an adjustable length ,waxed cotton cord; the Ebony exotic wood large bead necklace is also available on a chain if you wish, just indicate your choice when you order