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Copper Ankh cuff bracelet

The Cooper Ankh cuff bracelet is definitely for the person with their own distinctive sense of style.  The Copper Ankh is antiqued and hand stamped with the word Love and hangs from an antiqued and hand textured 2 ” wide Brass cuff.  One size fits almost all and I can custom make the Brass cuff in a smaller or larger size.

The ankh also known as key of life, the key of the Nile or  (Latin meaning “cross with a handle”(Thank you Wikipedia)

The Copper Ankh cuff bracelet can be worn in either direction, letting , whereas the Ankh cascades over ones hand  or over the wrist; which every way you choose you will fing the Ankh cuff bracelet light weight and comfortable to wear.

The Copper ankh cuff bracelet is ready to ship!

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Price: $52.00