What’s your RED?

RED is a stimulating colour inciting Love, Passion, Power, Energy, Strength, Action Motivation ,Spontaneity ,Anger, Rebellion  and  many other adjectives too numerous to mention here; with that being said tell me what does the RED in the images I’ve collected incite in you?

What’s your RED ?




RED can be attention getting


RED can incite action, be exciting awa stimulate : )

RED can be loving


RED can be assertive


RED can be this wedding dress by Wonderxue on Etsy


RED can be rebellious


RED can be spontaneous


RED can be aggressive


RED can be assertive


RED can be provocative like IonisCreations on Etsy


RED can be attention getting



RED can be powerful like my DABANBGAjewelry necklace


RED can be confident


RED can stimulate


RED can energize


RED can be the wrapping on that gift someone bought on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.


RED can incite action!

So what’s your  RED? I hope that it it the  last one that incites you into action : )

Hope you enjoyed my Dabangalicious blog and will leave me a comment so that I know that you’ve seen RED

None of the images with the exception of the Dabangajewelry necklace are mine, and I thank the unknown contributors for their use : )