Tales of the body paint

Body painting is an ancient art, progressing from its original use for tribal rituals and camouflage for survival in the wild against enemies or hunting for food.  The  modern day use of this traditional art is used daily in the form of make up (yes : ) ) and as an art form where the human body is used as a canvas.  I am sharing some of the images I’ve found which tell Tales of the painted body used as an art form : )

I wonder if the group “Kiss” was inspired by this TALE OF THE PAINTED BODY traditional body painting ?




TALE OF THE PAINTED Body painted lingerie means  you know longer have to shell out for Victoria’s Secret,  nor do you have to undress in a moment of passion lol


TALES OF Body painting can also help the guys camouflage small parts or accentuate larger ones



TALES OF Body painting lets you “show them the money”


TALES OF Body painting lets you  show that you are an animal lover



TALES OF Body painting lets you blend in with the elements (bite me! ouch)


TALES OF Body painting has all eyes on you


TALES OF Traditional body painting lets you blend in  with the elements


TALES OF Body painting lets you be a clown


TALES OF Body painting lets you do your own make up !



TALES OF  body painting and hanging out with your friends  like my FB friend Caryn La Greca independent photographer & blogger   www.Carynlagreca.com


TALES OF   the only body paint I will be using any time soon; now if I could just choose a colour : )

What was your favourite tale from TALES OF THE BODY PAINT ; )  or do you have one of your own to tell??? Leave a comment and let me know and so that my other readers can check you out : )

None of the images are my personal property, and I thank all of the named and nameless photographers that helped me tell TALES OF THE BODY PAINT : )