PAPER has made some new rules and for itself will no longer allow itself to be used for just writing, printing ,drawing, wrapping and covering walls and has decided to go into fashion full force and puts itself into  any outfit.

Here are a few of the styles  where PAPER  has lent itself to  the design


                                                      Tissue PAPER has its say, and ill no longer be used just to wrap presents


This wall PAPER will no longer be content to decorate your walls and the bracelet  it has become  would make an    excellent accessory for the tissue paper dress



PAPER has also make itself disposable by letting itself be worn as underwear, (I wonder what happens if you sweat)….hope you have that one figured out PAPER : )I def don’t want to be walking around with a red booty


Hopefully these are comfortable PAPER and come in different styles, the colours will definitely  go with everything in my wardrobe : ) !



Oh thanks PAPER for this lower heeled option, and I do love the power red!”


Whew for a minute PAPER I thought you forgot  how to recycle yourself into trendy fashions; love what you did with these newspapers.



Excuse me PAPER but isn’t that a  recycled paper designer hat… everyone in the game now?!?


Well PAPER if the commercial designers got in on your game, then my Dabanga Jewely  recycled newspaper bead earrings want to be a player too.


Voila PAPER  you know every fashion diva needs a wrap /shawl/scarf.. this  recycled paper piece will def make the cut !


Yes ,PAPER I think this Mushana bag  with hand rolled beads made from  recycled National Geographic magazine  pages make a great bag, it’s lightweight and water resistant too!  Maybe I can wear it with the necklace I made from recycled newspaper….Hey we got this!



I’m so happy PAPER that you are writing on yourself, and that I mere mortal get to share  you writing on yourself with others  and all the fashions

I  know you want to end this conversation by letting people know that you have also made yourself available in well lets say “yarn” PAPER yarn



Congratulations PAPER you’ve come a long way baby!


Comment and let me know which piece of PAPER you would like to wear : )

I do not own any of the images posted except my own , most of them are from or sites as mentioned on the photo….for all of the unnamed photographers thanks  for letting me share : )