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Africas evolving Capulana

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International-womens-day -Dabanga




The  CAPULANA   is a  cotton cloth  of  brilliant colours and diverse African designs or patterns and can be found wrapped around  the hips of a Mozambican women from the far north to the southern part of Mozambique in the village as well as the city… and this can be said for any other country in Africa just by changing the name given this multi tasking cloth




Traditionally  women,  would not leave home without one,  the CAPULANA  has such a large role to play in the day to day life; the  CAPULANA will protect one from  the sun, wind, and rain, carry babies so that the hands are free to perform other tasks, carry food or other articles, used to sit on, etc.; in these modern times seemingly only the  30+ age group and younger people in the villages continue to carry out this tradition carry out this tradition.




Protection from the sun


Dabangalicious mulher de capulana

Carry the baby, so our  hands will be free  to multi task.



Werking that CAPULANA


Swaddle the baby





The CAPULANA  has evolved into the modern world of men and women’s  fashion  accessories, home furnishings and even a graduation gown  ; yes the CAPULANA or its namesake in other African countries has become global right now it is “in fashion” and as such many fund raising projects to help women in rural communities have been sponsored by charitable or other organizations whereas the women make fashion accessories out of CAPULANA to be sold and raise money for a community project.  CAPULANA  or its namesake African fabric, African inspired fabric, Ankara, Vlisco  has now outlived the trend and become a permanent fixture in the global marketplace now available worldwide so now u too can be fashion forward in all facets of your life : )






Dabangalicious rachel steward



Let’s hear it for the guys !




Vlisco brings on the heat with African inspired CAPULANA


babs  dabangalicious tales of the evolving capulan

Rain, rain go away I don’t want my umbrella to get wet


Dabangalicious african fabric bags


I only need 4 more to have one for every day of the week : )

Dabanga African inspired fabric necklace

DABANGAjewelry  necklace made from African inspired fabric

African fabric earrings Dabanga.com

African fabric earrings Dabangajewelry



CAPULANA is the inspiration for this graduation ceremonial gown by   www.Facebook.com Iris Santos Design for the Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo, Mozambique


Stella -Jean-Spring-Summer-2013 collection-ciaafrique70



CAPULANA takes to the water thanks to Stella Jean having designed this CAPULANA bathing costume




Dabangalicious festival de capulana6698_567354216617517_506090217_n




Luisa Jafaf

Luisa Jafar Ramson Jafar  introduces CAPULANA  to Denim her home accessory line


CAPULANA throw pillows


Dabangalicious African fabric draw pulls

Recycling projects get in on the CAPULANA whirlwind with these drawer pulls made from bottle caps and CAPULANA fabric scraps

Capulanas do Sul 2 DabangaliciousDolls dressed in CAPULANA, while seemingly just play things weillseerve to show fhe younger ones that  Africas evolving CAPULANA started like this : )




Festival de Capulana Dabangalicious


Mozambique will play host to a Festival  in homage of the CAPULANA in celebration of Mozambican women’s day this  in April of this year, which inspired me to write this blog.  http://Facebook.com/Festival de Capulana

I have used the images of unknown photographers and I thank them and welcome them to identify their work so they get the well deserved credit.: ) a lot of the pics are water marked  so I’m off the hook with that but I’m just as grateful for having been able to share those  images as well.

I use the word  CAPULANA (native to Mozambique) as a metaphor for all African, African inspired fabric of the same general use.



Twelve days of Christmas and the tree

A collection of unique Trees to get you through the twelve days of Christmas : ) You will have to buy your own presents or sing along to the “twelve days of Christmas my true love gave to me……


Eco friendly Christmas tree for your first day is made from recycled wood


Day 2  Christmas Tree in living colour made from paper


This imaginary Christmas tree for day 3 is just as hard to decorate; and how did they stick those ornaments on the wall?!


Day 4 is made from those recycled  books they sell for 25 cents at the Library, wonder if the Librarians or students made this.


Day 5 is a Christmas tree for you seaside lovers, since this Christmas tree is made from recycled lobster traps; hope they removed all the Lobsters.


Day 6  Christmas is made from ribbons and I hope they weren’t taken from someones hair : )



Day 7 let the Vegans decorate an edible Christmas tree bon apetite!



Day 8  …so this is where all those missing plush bears went  : )



Day 9 If you came tardy to the party, you have to improvise with Mickey D



Day 10 Christmas tree is going to include all those unclaimed bicycles….where’s mine?


Day 11 is the ultimate recycled tree made from discarded lumber



On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me a flat screen TV tree…..



..and when you finish Twelve days of Christmas and the tree  you can decorate yourself with this dress by Ajak Weng