Dabangalicious’ Tale of the shoes Part 1

Shoes were first worn by our primitive ancestors around 8000 BC to protect the feet from sharp rocks, rugged terrain, sand and cold while searching for food and shelter.

Here are a specimens of the first man made shoes.

Below is what might be the predecessor to the stiletto. This “shoe” was worn by
Turkish women of the Ottoman empire to elevate them above the
hot floors of the communal bath. (wonder if the guys wore them too?)

They are made of wood with inlaid Mother of Pearl.  Fast forward to the present and my fabulous virtual shoe collection is stocked by Google and Facebook friends as well as a shoe vending machine and a DIY project to store your shoes in real  time!

Tell me in a comment what would motivate you to use a shoe vending machine, I’m still trying to think of one.  lol

Too many shoes and not enough storage space??? easy solution with
this DIY project made from crown molding.

…or you can purchase this shoe wheel for under $100.00, also a great option for storage;
just”spin” the wheel : )

We’ve come a long way in footwear, so let me share my virtual shoe closet.

No collection would be complete without the Louboutins!

Do you think these chains rattle when you walk?  hmmm!

I’ll wear these when I go to see Tom Cruise in the “Vampire Diaries.”

WOW!  All these Legos!  I’ve got to arrange a play date!

Well I do like working with metal, so I guess that’s why these are here.

Red, red wine, I guess you’ll have to drink some to get enough courage to wear these!

Here comes the Bride, but it’s too late I’m already married!

A virtual shoe closet without pet shoes, no bueno for your pooch.

…and of course your pot bellied pig!
Part 1 of the Dabangalicious’ Tale of the Shoe is ending here I will leave you something to eat and some comfy slippers to wear you can even DIY : )

Rest your feet and . . . . . . . . . . .

eat these, WHAT ELSE?  Shoe cupcakes. LOL

Hope you guys enjoyed PART 1 of Dabangalicious’  tale of the shoe…  In Tale of The Shoe PART 2: I’ll take you to the Shoeaholics community and introduce you to Tina Tinuola; now that girl knows shoes : )

I don’t own any of the photos here I am sharing them from the web so here are some of the credits:  Google, Accessori-es, Musok.com, Rakudesign.com, Lovado.