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A sash is just a belt

Is a sash just a belt without a buckle or is a belt a buckles sash? Traditionally both were used to hold up or hold together clothing .


Kisibiro belt

Note the evolution of the sash in Uganda from its utilitarian use to its morphing into a decorative              sash called the Kisiburo, an integraral part of the Gomesi, Ugandas national dress.


Sistas rocking the Gomesa with Kisibiro belt


…..and this is how we roll

A similar example is the world famous obi sash used on the kimono, the national dress of Japan

utilitarian obi circa 1300 -1600 only the academicians know for sure l


what a difference a couple of centurie

Do know that men wear obi belts too….or that Serge Mouangue created an Afro fusion line of  Kimonos using capulana or kitenge  denominated Wafrica…and we can’t ignore our Japanese ladies  showing off  their those super delish obi sashes.

The  use of sashes or belts  deviated from its  utilitarian purpose to become a lucrative fashion accessory by adding a finishing or decorative touch to mens and womens clothing , they are made from many different materials, sustainable and synthetic.

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